Affordable Housing Trust Fund Program

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The Optional County Affordable Housing Act 137 of 1992 provides the authorization of counties to establish affordable housing trusts. The funds are collected as an increase to the county recording fee for deeds and mortgages and are specifically dedicated for the sole purpose of supporting affordable housing efforts in the county. These funds can be used to match National Affordable Housing Act 1990 HOME program funds, assist or support housing efforts funding by the PA Housing Finance Agency as well as other similar financing programs.


Local municipal governments, housing and/or redevelopment authorities, or other related agencies, community development corporations, community and/or faith-based organizations, non-profit human services providers, for-profit entities and private employers.


County-based projects, which increase the availability of quality affordable housing either through sales or rental to any county residents whose annual income that does not exceed 100 percent of the county’s median income as established by HUD.

Examples include but are not limited to:

• Owner occupied rehabilitation (aging in place projects)

• Rental rehabilitation

• First-time homebuyers’ program (for down payment or closing costs only up to $3,000) for those who have resided in Wayne County for the past 30 consecutive months

• Housing counseling and financial coaching programs

• Emergency repair programs

• Elderly/Disabled/Special Needs housing

• Gap funding for SHARE Housing Program in Wayne County (this can not be used for salaries of employees of the program)

• Veterans housing

• New home/housing construction

• Rehabilitation of an existing structure for rental use

• Transitional housing

• Seasonal homeless shelters

• Community stabilization programs/projects (demolition, rehabilitation, construction)

• Foreclosure prevention (One time use per individual mortgage holder up to $2,000 and must demonstrate a sustainability plan)

• Emergency rental assistance

• Bridge loans for rental housing development

• Supportive housing services, including those provided by the county Housing Department for eligible applicants that cannot be funded through other eligible grants

• Conducting a strategic housing assessment in the county


• Project must meet Act 137 requirements

• Applicants must demonstrate the ability to successfully implement the project

• A minimum of 20 percent matching funds are required (other grant sources can be used toward the match) for all projects with the exception of a strategic housing assessment.

• Applicant must be able to complete the project within 12 months of the funds being awarded (a one-time, six-month extension may be granted for extenuating circumstances)

• For development programs, applicant must be able to demonstrate site control

• Grant recipients must demonstrate ability to ensure continuance of affordability for new construction or improvements made with these funds

• Projects and program services receiving funding are to assist Wayne County residents whose annual income does not exceed 100 percent of the county’s median income as established by HUD.


• Up to $3,000 can be awarded as part of a first-time homebuyers’ program (for down payment or closing costs only) for those who have resided in Wayne County for the past 30 consecutive months.

• There will be an annual cap of $15,000 for projects that create or rehabilitate less than 6 housing units and $25,000 for projects that create or rehabilitate 6 or more housing units per project. Up to $50,000 can be used to complete a strategic housing study. No more than 5 percent of monies will be allowed for administrative purposes.


• Projects will be reviewed and ranked based on project meeting Act 137 requirements, amount of funding leverage, community impact, project outcomes (number of housing units created or rehabilitated), level of project support and collaboration, project timelines and applicants’ level of administrative experience. Grants are based on availability of funds and applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

County Administration Fee:

• Under Act 137, a 5 percent administrative fee is collected on every transfer. This fee shall be deposited in the county general fund annually.