Wayne County Collage

The Wayne County Planning Department has a host of resource materials available for Wayne County’s residents and municipal leaders. Many of those documents are available for viewing or download on this website. 

Comprehensive Plan

For instance, Wayne County is currently embarking on the process to update the County’s existing Comprehensive Plan. This update contains a tremendous amount of information with sections on Housing, Economic Development, Transportation and Land Use, to name a few. To view all of the information available, see the 2010 Wayne County Comprehensive Plan Update

Annual Report

Each year, the Wayne County Planning Department prepares an Annual Report of the past years activities. This document not only contains information on the various activities and programs that the Planning Department is involved in, but it also contains valuable information on Wayne County’s municipalities, namely the types of land use ordinances in effect and municipal contact information. To view the current and previous year’s reports, see the Annual Reports.

Transportation & Land 

Also available is information on the road system in Wayne County. For Wayne County road system information, visit Transportation.

Another valuable document, which was compiled by the Wayne County Planning Department staff, is the Wayne County Agricultural Land Use / Land Cover Study. This report documents the changes to Wayne County’s agricultural landscape, as well as the changes to the overall land use / land cover of Wayne County between the years 1959 and 2002.

Planning Department

The Planning Department often receives calls from prospective home and/or land buyers who are interested in purchasing land in Wayne County. There are some very important things to consider when considering moving to or purchasing land in Wayne County. A guide was developed to assist the prospective home/land buyer and it can be viewed by going to Buying land in Wayne County?. 

Mapping Services

As a tool to assist Wayne County residents and professionals who deal with land use related issues, the Planning Department produces aerial photography maps for sale. The maps can be customized to zoom in on the specific area of interest. For more information on the pricing of the aerial photography maps visit the Mapping Services.