General Information

Conservation District History

Conservation Districts got there start as an organization to work directly with citizens and farmers to aid in implementing sound farming practices to preserve soil and water following the devastation of the dust-bowl era in the 1930's.  The first conservation district in the U.S. was created in N.C. in 1937.  Pennsylvania got its first Conservation District in 1945!  Now Pennsylvania has 66 Conservation Districts, one per county except Philadelphia County.

Wayne Conservation District

Wayne Conservation District was founded in 1955.  For over 60 years Wayne Conservation District has been serving the residents and agricultural community of Wayne County!  Many things have changed in that time such as agricultural practices, soil science, water quality standards, environmental regulations, etc.  

Wayne Conservation District is committed to the residents of Wayne County to keep up to date on these changes and provide our expertise on a variety of subjects related to the conservation of our resources.  The dedicated staff at the conservation district are committed to working to facilitate wise use of our resources and preserve our natural heritage in this wonderful county.

Service in the Community

WCD does offers a variety of services which are further elaborated on in this site including:

  • Educational outreach and programs
  • Agricultural consultations, no-till programs, cover crop programs, grant application assistance.
  • Erosion and Sediment control assistance
  • E&S, NPDES, General Permit review, processing, consultation
  • Water encroachment assistance
  • Water and pond management assistance/consultation
  • Forestry consultations and assistance
  • Organizing the Woodsman's Competition at the Wayne County Fair annually
  • Dirt Gravel Low Volume Road(DGLVR) program oversight
  • Participates in various community programs and events
  • Holding the annual spring seedling sale
  • Complaint investigation and followup

If it has to do with the great outdoors or resource conservation Wayne Conservation District is likely either involved in it or can point you in the right direction!  Wayne Conservation District frequently works with many townships, Penn State, the DEP, NRCS, PFBC, NPS, PGC, USACE, and several others as cooperating agencies and organizations.

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call or stop down during business hours!