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Sheriff's Fugitive Tip Line

  1. Fugitive Tip Line
  2. The Fugitive Tip Line is a program that offers citizens a safe, secure and totally anonymous way to help the sheriff's department apprehend individuals wanted for court appearances.
  3.  Please Note: Under no circumstances should public citizens make any attempt to apprehend a subject. Contact your local police department or the PA State Police.
  4. How Does Fugitive Tip Line Work?
  5. Persons with information about the whereabouts of a wanted criminal can provide information to the Sheriff's department with complete anonymity.
  6. You may leave your tip in the space provided below. This information is electronically sent to the Fugitive Tip Line, where it is then forwarded to the Wayne County Sheriff's Department. No email user name, or ISP identification is received by the police. Your tip is completely anonymous.
  7. Remember, you NEVER meet with law enforcement, and you NEVER give your name, just your information.
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