SHARE Housing Program

The Monroe Pike Wayne SHARE Housing program has more than a dozens of participants waiting to share their homes in Wayne and Pike Counties.

The program is designed to help seniors, over age 60, to remain in their homes by pairing them with people age 18 and older who need affordable housing. The tenants, who have their own rooms, may provide companionship and services such as cleaning, cooking and transportation in exchange for low rent payments.

Both sharers are vetted by the agency, which conducts background and security checks and interviews them separately to ensure a good match. To learn more, contact Coordinator Larisa Yusko at 570-832-5133.

The following situations are currently available:

Wayne County:

  • Waymart-Female, 2 rooms, 1 person must be over 60, no pets, non-smoker, must be able to go upstairs.
  • Lakeville-Male or female, no smoking, no alcohol, no pets, host has dog.
  • Moscow- Older female, non-smoker, no pets, companionship.
  • Honesdale-Male, must be over 60, IN TOWN, must climb stairs, help with owner’s dog, alcohol permitted, outdoor smoker permitted.
  • Lake Ariel-Female must have license and car, outdoor smoker ok, alcohol permitted, no pets.*
  • Honesdale (rural) Male or female, companionship, no pets, host has a dog, must be neat, outdoor smoker permitted, alcohol permitted.
  • Honesdale (rural) Female or couple, prefer under 60, no pets but host has cats, outdoor smoking permitted, alcohol permitted, must have transportation, prefer a vegetarian.
  • Hawley (Paupack Lake Estates) Male or Female, anyone over 18, no pets, no smoking, no alcohol.
  • Beach Lake-Male preferred, must be over 60, outdoor smoker and alcohol permitted, owner has 2 dogs.
  • Damascus-Female only, must drive, companionship, smoking and alcohol permitted.
  • Beach Lake-Male or Female, companionship and help driving, small dog permitted, smoking and alcohol prohibited.
  • Lake Ariel-Female preferred, no pets and smoking prohibited. Casual drinker permitted. Rural setting but in walking distance to town.
  • Lakewood-Male or Female, needs help driving, cooking and some chores around house. Beautiful country setting. Possible pet dog.*
  • Lake Ariel-Male or female, pets acceptable, hosts have a dog, cats and two horses, smoking prohibited, alcohol and overnight guests allowed. Help with housework and companionship.*
  • Hawley-Close to town, Male or Female, parent with child, owner has two dogs and a cat but willing to have another pet.

Pike County:

  • Milford Area-Female or Couple, must be over 60, no dogs, outdoor smoker permitted.
  • Dingman’s Ferry-Female, pet permitted, outdoor smoker permitted, must cook and drive, little rent.
  • Hawley (rural)-Female only, companionship, no pets, no smoking, no alcohol, owner has a dog.
  • Bushkill-Female must have car, no rent, no smoking, no alcohol, no pets, and no guests.*
  • Bushkill-Female preferred, owner has a dog and birds, outdoor smoking permitted, alcohol permitted, no dogs.
  • Dingman’s Ferry-Male or female, must be over 60, handicap accessible, must have transportation, owner has two cats  so no pets.
  • Bushkill-Male or Female, must be over 60, dog ok, alcohol permitted, no smoking or overnight guests.
  • Bushkill-Female, companionship, alcohol permitted, no pets or smoking, stairs.
  • Tamiment-Male or Female, any age, prefer student or worker, no smoking, owner has a dog.
  • Lords Valley (Hemlock Farms)-Female, must have car, alcohol permitted, no pets and no smoking.
  • Bushkill-Male or female, must be over 60, no pets, private bathroom, some house and yard work needs.
  • Bushkill (Pine Ridge) Female, no smoking, alcohol permitted, possible pets, owner has a cat, little rent.
  • Matamoras (in-town), must be 60 or over, female or male, 2nd story bedroom, owner has 2 cats and a dog, outdoor smoking permitted, and alcohol permitted. 
  • Milford, must be over 60, female or male, must use stairs, owner has two cats and a dog, pet acceptable, smoking prohibited, alcohol and overnight guests permitted.   
  • Dingman’s Ferry (Pecks Pond), female preferred, alcohol permitted, smoking prohibited, possible cat permitted, would like help driving and cooking.
  • Greentown-Female only, smoking and pets prohibited, casual drinking permitted.
  • Lords Valley-Hemlock Farms-Female or female with child, pets and alcohol permitted, smoking prohibited.
  • Greentown-Female, host has 3 cats and will allow a small pet, alcohol permitted, smoking and overnight guests prohibited.    

* These situations are looking for companionship. This is a great opportunity for the right person.

UPDATED: 5 Feb. 2020