Tax Assessment

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925 Court St.
Honesdale Pa. 18431-1996
Phone: (570) 253-5970 Ext. 4010
Fax: (570) 253-5418

Cheryl Davies, CPE, Tax Services Director (appointed)

John McCormick CPE, Chief Assessor (appointed)

Sharon L. Gill, CPE, Assessor II Clerk

Ken Crum, Senior Assessor

Chris Leet, CPE, Assessor II

Pete McClintock, Data Collector

Shawn Farrell, Data Collector

Thomas Renn, Data Collector

Hours: 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday


The Wayne County Assessment Office maintains and updates real property assessment records and prepares and distributes yearly tax rolls used by Wayne County, all 28 municipalities and the 6 school districts located within the County. Property assessments are used by all taxing bodies to generate tax revenue used to pay for services performed. The Assessment Office does not set millage rates or collect property taxes.

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Wayne County is a Sixth Class County. The Assessment Office is administered under Title 53, Chapter 28 of the Consolidated Assessment Law. The Mapping Department receives documents recorded in the Recorder of Deeds Office. These documents are reviewed and processed by mapping technicians who update property tax maps and property ownership information.

Assessment Appeals

The Wayne County Commissioners act also as the County Board of Assessment Appeals. The three members Board sit as a Board for the purpose of hearing property assessment appeals and occupation assessment appeals.

The annual appeal filing deadline is on or before the first day of September. Municipalities and school districts may also file formal appeals on properties they believe are incorrectly assessed. The Board, acting as a Quasi-Judicial Board, hears appeals and renders a decision on the market value of the property being appealed. The Board develops rules and regulations for appeal procedures and Assessment Office operations in general. The Board approves or denies requests for property tax exemptions. Appeal forms may be obtained in the Assessment Office.

Clean & Green Preferrential Assessmemt

This department also reviews and approves applications for enrollment in Act 319, the preferential assessment program. Act 319, also known as the Clean and Green Act, permits the County Assessment Office to provide a reduced assessment on eligible agricultural and woodland properties. Application forms are available in the Assessment Office, however the instructions are available online here. The yearly deadline for filing applications for the following year is June 1.

The PA Department of Agriculture provides additional information about how the program works.

Digital Transition

The County is in the process of transferring its tax map data from mylar (hard copies) to a digital Geographic Information System (GIS). Eventually, the tax map maintenance will be processed on the GIS System only. The Assessment Office and the 911 Mapping Coordinator are in the process of GIS map production. They will maintain several important layers of data such as municipal, road and property lines. As new subdivisions are recorded, the Mapping Department adds them to the GIS parcel layer.

Setting Appraised and Assessed Values

The Appraisal Department is responsible for arriving at an appraised value on each property. Wayne County municipalities provide building permits for new construction or demolition to this department, which triggers a review of the property. A county Certified Pennsylvania Evaluator (CPE) appraiser will visit the property to review the improvements that are being made and establish a property value.

Assessed values are based on property market values as of 1/1/2004. The predetermined ratio is 100%. A Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) System is currently being developed in the Assessment Office. All property data collected in the field resides on a computer file and on hard copy property record cards.

The Assessment Department clerical staff enters changes into the County Assessment Office Database master file. Change of Assessment Notices are mailed out if a change in assessment has taken place. The notice provides for a 40-day right of appeal from the mailing date on the notice. This department schedules appeal hearings on behalf of the Board of Assessment Appeals and verifies assessment totals.

County, Local & School Tax Rolls

This department is also responsible for the preparation and distribution of the county, municipal and school district tax rolls. The county/municipal tax bills are mailed in February of each year. School district tax bills are mailed August 1, of each year. The Tax Services Director is available for comments.

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