Drug & Treatment Court

Drug & Treatment Court

The Drug and Treatment Court has been designed to offer non-violent offenders, suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, the treatment they need and restrictive intermediate punishment, in lieu of jail. The program is five phases and can take up to 36 months to complete.

Why do we need a treatment court?

  • Drug Courts reduce crime
  • Drug Courts save money
  • Drug Courts restore families
  • Drug Courts ensure compliance


It is the mission of the Wayne County Drug and Treatment Court to promote the safety and welfare of our community by providing treatment and recovery opportunities to offenders who fully accept responsibility for their actions, for their addiction and who voluntarily commit to comprehensive addiction treatment and an ongoing program of recovery.


If you are charged with a crime and face incarceration in a state correctional facility if convicted and you require intensive drug and/or alcohol treatment, you may be eligible for the program.

To Apply

Contact Drug Court Coordinator Jonathan Dunsinger at Wayne County Probation, The Dimmick Building, 925 Court Street Honesdale, PA 18431; call 570.253.5970 ext. 2306 or email jdunsinger@waynecountypa.gov and download the application.

Important Numbers

Wayne County District Attorney 570.253.4912

Wayne County Drug and Alcohol 570.253.6022

Wayne County Probation Department 570.253.5970 ext. 4120

Drug Court Procedure

The Wayne County District Attorney will make an initial determination at Central Court (Waiver Court) regarding your eligibility to apply.

If you wish to apply to this Court you must waive your right to a preliminary hearing, waive your arraignment and waive your right to raise future challenges to the sufficiency of the prima facie case against you. If you are accepted into the program your case will be fast tracked and you will be scheduled to immediately enter a plea of guilty to all charges filed against you in the Information at a hearing scheduled before a Judge.

This program is intensive and involves addiction treatment, drug testing and supervision over a minimum of 18 months and up to 36 months. If you do not successfully complete the program you will be sentenced in accordance with the PA Sentencing guidelines.


Ineligibility/Exclusionary Criteria

You are not eligible for the Drug and Treatment Court program if:

  • You are not a Wayne County resident.
  • You are charged with a violent crime.
  • You are serving a sentence of incarceration for another sentence.
  • You are currently under parole supervision.
  • You have another charge pending of which you would be deemed ineligible.
  • You have committed in your past murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault, simple assault, kidnapping, rape, statutory rape, weapons offense under Chapter 61, sexual offense under Chapter 31, arson, robbery, drug trafficking, human trafficking, burglary with a firearm, burglary with a person present, DUI with death or serious bodily injury, inchoate crimes to the within listed offenses.

Drug Court Facts & Information

It has been studied and proven that drug courts work better than jail; better than just probation and treatment alone. They significantly reduce drug use and crime and are the most cost-effective program in the criminal justice system.

To learn more, visit the National Association of Drug Court Professionals or read about National Drug Court Facts.