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H’dale Woman Pleads Guilty in Fentanyl Case

HONESDALE (Aug. 31, 2017) — A Honesdale woman pleaded guilty in Wayne County Court Thursday, Aug. 31, to one count of Theft of Fentanyl, a Felony of the 3rd Degree, and one count of Adulter or Misbrand Any Controlled Substance, an ungraded Misdemeanor.

Wayne County District Attorney Janine Edwards announced Karen Feldner, 56, of Honesdale, faces up to eight years’ incarceration and a $20,000 fine. She is scheduled for sentencing on Thursday, October 19 at 9:30 a.m.

In October of 2016, a report was made of theft of and tampering with approximately 2,000 fentanyl vials from Mountain Laurel Surgery Center, Honesdale.  Fentanyl, a schedule II controlled substance, is used in medical procedures for anesthesia and also used illegally since it is a highly addictive, potent pain medication.

The DEA was notified and conducted an investigation in conjunction with the Wayne County District Attorney’s Office, which found Feldner stole Fentanyl from the surgical office as an employee, altered and tampered with vials of Fentanyl and replaced them with another substance.

She also altered documents and forged signatures at the surgical center, obtained Fentanyl through misrepresentation and deception by claiming to have authority from her employer to obtain it when she did not and was in possession of fentanyl.

DA Edwards stated, “As I have previously said, Fentanyl is not just another opioid.  It is highly addictive and potentially lethal.  I am proud of the work done on this case by Wayne County DA Chief Detective Peter Hower and the DEA to ensure that criminal charges were filed. A concern for the potential safety of others in this case was paramount due to the dangers of Fentanyl. This particular crime not only fed the appetite of an addict but risked the lives of patients. I’m pleased that she pleaded guilty.”

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The Wayne County Drug Task Force was created to combat the sale and possession of illegal drugs in our community.  The task force is funded in part by the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General and in part from money generated from the forfeitures of money and property seized from drug dealers. Since taking office in January of 2012, the District Attorney has taken a tough stance on drug crimes and actively pursues and prosecutes all selling, manufacturing, distributing and drug use in Wayne County.

The task force is coordinated by Chief County Detective Peter Hower of the Wayne County District Attorney’s Office and is made up of officers, deputies and detectives from the:

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There have been several law enforcement “sweeps” focused primarily on the arrests of drug dealers and users in this area that were performed by the Wayne County Drug Task Force and the Pennsylvania State Police.

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County Detectives conduct independent investigations at the direction of the District Attorney, provide investigative assistance to other law enforcement agencies when requested, investigate allegations made by citizens who wish to file Private Criminal Complaints under Rule 506 of the Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure.

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They alsoconduct background investigations of persons seeking licensing as Private Detectives under 22 P.S. and have enforcement oversight of various regulatory statutes such as Bingo and Local Option Small Games of Chance. In addition, County Detectives supervise the activities of the Wayne County Drug Task Force.

In conjunction with enforcing the laws of the state, County Detectives also perform other duties as dictated by the District Attorney. These duties often include assisting the District Attorney and Assistant District Attorneys with the preparation of cases for trial, assisting municipal police departments with the investigation of serious crimes, and acting as the primary investigator for specific types of crime as outlined by the District Attorney.

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Victims of crime have the right to receive basic information concerning the services that are available to them through the program. Some of these services offered are:

  • The victim receiving notification of certain significant actions and court proceedings within the criminal and juvenile justice systems pertaining to their case
  • Accompaniment to criminal and juvenile proceedings
  • Opportunity to offer prior comment on the droppings of charges and sentencing of a defendant, or the disposition of a juvenile offender
  • Inmate release or escape notification
  • Assistance in completing compensation forms.

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