COVID-19 Response

  1. County Government
  2. Court of Common Pleas
  3. Human Services Agency

Effective Monday, March 23, 2020 all county facilities are closed to all but employees and necessary visitors until April 3, 2020.

The county will have a sheriff’s deputy stationed at the doors of the courthouse, the Aging Building and the Park Street Complex as well as county staff acting as a concierge to coordinate visitors trying to conduct essential business with the proper department/staff members.

On Monday, the Commissioners signed an emergency disaster declaration to allow access to federal funding streams and give the county flexibility in dealing with the outbreak.

The Commissioners have created interim policies and protocols from banning employee travel outside the county, encouraging employees with a fever or signs of illness to stay home, and instructing the maintenance department to ramp up the disinfecting regimen at all county facilities

Recycling Center (570)-253-9727

The County Recycling Center will remain closed until further notice.

Register of Wills and Recorder of Deeds (ext. 4040)

Register/Recorder Deborah Bates has established procedures for limiting public access:

  • Request plain copies and, certified copies as well as exemplified records of decedent estates by phone or email with credit card. The copies will be mailed to the name and address provided.
  • Probate of Wills and Grant of Letters will be by appointment and video conferencing may be considered.
  • Inheritance tax payments, inheritance tax returns and other estate filling as well as document recordings should be submitted vial US Postal Service, FedEx or UPS or via drop box in the main lobby of courthouse between 10 am and 2 om and 1 and 3 pm.
  • Notary Public swearing in will be by appointment.
  • The Deed Research Room will be limited to individuals who can demonstrate immediate need, and six people or less will be allowed in the room at one time. To access the Research Room, you must submit a form.

Planning/GIS (ext. 4060)

The Department of Planning/GIS asks that any requests for mapping such as aerial photos or other digital geographic information can be made by phone or email.  We can be reached by telephone at 570-253-5970, Ext. 4060 and via email at  If a map or other information needs to be distributed, we can do so via email or traditional mail. 

Theses resources are available online:

  • The office maintains a website that includes valuable information, including but not limited to, municipal contact information, municipal zoning maps, and other resource information.
  • We would also like to remind you that we do have a public facing mapping website where parcel information can be obtained.  Wayne County’s Interactive Map, along with other mapping information, can be found there.

Prothonotary (ext. 4030)

Prothonotary Edward Sandercock has suspended Passport and Marriage License Applications. Those with emergency travel needs can call for an appointment

Sheriff (570-253-2641)

Sheriff Mark Steelman has asked individuals  interested in applying for a License to Carry a Firearm Permit to  print the PA State Applicaton from the County website: Once completed, the application may be mailed to the Sheriff’s Office at 925 Court St., Honesdale Pa. You may also elect to drop the application off at the security station in the lobby of the Courthouse.  

Once the application is received, the Sheriff’s Office will begin your background and notification of approval or denial will be made within the prescribed 45-day waiting period. Please be advised that a background investigation does include contacting references and a criminal history check.  

After receiving your approval letter, please contact the office at 570-253-2641 to make arrangements for the finalization of your permit.

If you have received an approval letter and you began the initial process prior to the COVID-19 pandemic (had your photo taken and paid the initial $5.00 fee), you will be able to pick up your permit at the security station in the lobby of the courthouse and pay the remaining $15.00 fee. Please call ahead if you want to pick up your permit so we can have it ready and please bring exactly $15.00 cash.

 He has also suspended fingerprinting services for the IDENTOGO system.


Coroner Edward Howell announced that per state law, if a death occurs in Wayne County, and the death is suspected or confirmed to be due to (or complicated by) COVID 19, the death must be reported to this office. We will investigate on a case-by-case basis. If you need to report a death, please call the Wayne County Communications Center at 570-253-3109 to request the Coroner. 

Wayne County Correctional Facility

Warden Kevin Bishop  suspended the volunteer program and all non-contact visitation. Fees for video visits have been waived. You can establish an account online.

Emergency Operations Center

The County Emergency Operations Center is closed to all but employees.

Office of Millitary & Veterans Affairs (ext. 3114)

The County Office of Military & Veterans Affairs has suspended walk-in hours. Phone and limited in-person appointments can be made by calling the office at 570-253-5970 ext. 3114.

*The County switchboard number is 570-253-5970.